tammyweaves…arriving home

The Welcoming Garden..iris, floribunda roses,hydrangeas along the garage, wild black raspberries, peonies and clematis.


Weaving Lavender Wands.…The lavender is blooming, it’s time to weave lavender wands!  Join me for a day of lavender wands.    email:  tcorwin-renner@comcast.net


The Garden Inside… with my Opphampta Pink Birthday Party and the first piece I wove at a Vavstuga Weaving Day 2011.


tammyweaves *  weaving studio – I was happy to have my loom warped and ready to weave!


tammy weaves –  Creating the fiber gifts for supporters of my Warp a Weaver fundraiser!


Tea Party! – Carol and I shared a gute-reise (happy travels) tea party with my daughter Emily who is now in Germany working as an intern in a neuroscience  visual perception research lab.  Carol arrived with grain free cookies in a basket lined with a beautiful handwoven towel.  I hope to meet the weaver of this towel.  And…Carol has a blog you might enjoy: (address will be added as soon as I can find it!)


Lace Found!  Daughter Allegra left her amazing lace wrapped around my rainbow cones from Lunatic Fringe.  A little surprise to say “I loved making lace with you”.  Allegra flew to Germany before I arrived home.  She is working  as an intern in a Psychosomatic Hospital Research lab.



Coming Soon:

  • Father’s Day memories of the week.
  • Weaving Books that teach and inspire…



Väv Immersion Class – The Finale!!!

Väv Immersion Class Graduation Celebration!!!

From left to right: Kay, Elizabeth, Becky, Leni, Bettie, Kim, Kate, Kira and Tonya.      Missing:  Vickie and several of our fabulous instructors!

Linen Class – We delighted in seeing the color changes created by the different retting processes.  The land retted flax  resulted in a silver fiber, the cold water retting produced a lighter gold fiber, while the warm water retting resulted in a darker golden flax. We hackled (top photos) and scotched (bottom photo) the three varieties of flax now have a huge appreciation for the amount of time and work that goes into the processing of flax.  And yes, we could each now grow and process our own flax and spin it into linen thread!

Väv Immersion Class – weaving and finishing projects during our final week!

Kira’s single unit woven with her hand spun and dyed linen, bobbin lace along with flowers and feather from the journey

Kate and Elizabeth each hemming their shared warp tow linen tablecloths 

Smalandsvav samples woven with cotton just off the loom – from top to bottom:  Kate, Tammy, Kay, and Kira

Kay’s bound rosepath with linen warp and cotton weft


tammyweaves…  The Opphampta in the last few days….wishing it could go on forever.  And yes, I do see a drawloom in my future.  (As do several of my classmates!)


Friday Farewell….I spent Friday evening saying goodbye to my dear friend of over 20 years, Amy and her beautiful loving children.  She was one of three of Cincinnati friends whose looms inspired me to weave.  And after dinner we found Morris Dancers calling in summer near the Bridge of Flowers and delighted in their jovial spirit.


Saturday Open House – A display of  Väv Immersion weaving….


And a Bulgarian spinning demo...


And great food, music, singing and dancing to celebrate throughout the afternoon and evening!


Good-bye!  Sunday morning the grey skies reflected our sadness in leaving, yet the rain nourished the earth as we had been nourished by Becky and all who came together to create the Väv Immersion Class. Our surroundings now green and abundant, had changed as we blossomed into weavers.   What an amazing four months!


I was warmly welcomed by Dan and Emily upon my arrival to Ann Arbor.  Thank you for sharing this weaving journey with me. The tammyweaves blog will continue as my weaving studio awakens….. I’ll write again soon!    Love, Tammy

Tammy Winding Warp

Väv Immersion Class – Week Sixteen continued….

Väv Immersion Class Graduation photos!

Sixteen weeks of weaving beautiful handwoven items for the home.

photos by John Leni Marcy

  • We each wove the following items…

  • Breadcloth in basket weave
  • Kitchen Towels in twill variation and our own color designs
  • Rag Rugs with our own personal designs
  • Goose Eye Table Cloth
  • Monksbelt runner/hanger
  • Rosepath sampler to be sewn into a loom bench cushion, shuttle bag, or backstrap weaving belt
  • Shaft Unit Drawloom hanging/table runner
  • Upholstery samples
  • Band weaving on bandloom and/or backstrap loom
  • Tow Linen Table Cloth – woven in design created with a classmate
  • Striped Yardage – to be sewn into clothing, curtains, bath towels…
  • Fine Linen Overshot/Daldrall table square
  • Deflective Double Weave/Nordic Deflection samples, pillow cover, dishtowels and placemat
  • Opphampta Drawloom hanging/table runner
  • Damask Linen Tablecloth in 10-shaft satin weave
  • We also had the opportunity to create…

  • Large Wool Blanket in our own colors and design
  • Saved Pattern Drawloom dragon design
  • Rolakan/Tapestry Square – in our own geometric design
  • Single Unit Drawloom hanging- personally designed
  • Nalbindning mittens
  • Bobbin Lace
  • Spun Wool
  • Spun Flax into Linen
  • Dyed Wool and Linen


More soon…I am experiencing a new technical difficulty.  Please enjoy the photos above and the peonies from my garden in Ann Arbor.


Väv Immersion Class – Week Sixteen!!!


We are completing our last of sixteen weeks here at Väv Immersion.  We welcome you and your friends in the NE to visit this Saturday, June 4th for our Open House and Barn Dance Benefit.   Väv Immersion weaving will be on display, along with fiber activities, music, food and folk dancing. We hope to see you Saturday.


(Photos:  Still life on Elizabeth’s weaving bench, Weavings  by Vickie – Väv Immersion 2016,  Vävstuga with Iris – May 2016)

tammyweaves – This is my weaving for weaving the 10 shaft damask table cloth in satin.  I’ve chosen a 16/1 bleached (white) line linen to give a traditional look to the 16/1 natural line linen.  It is a physically demanding weave that requires great leg strength to treadle – especially near the lamms. I am fortunate to have seen Cindy Johnson bi-monthly for therapeutic massage.  She has kept my body in tip-top shape through all the physical demands of weaving. The Gerber daisies have  continued to delight me as they opened with new shades of red.  Bobbin lace on the lawn has been a delight – though I found it wasn’t as easy after a month’s lapse.  And my wool blanket colors have changed from a mix of blues and greens to a more springy pink and green.  It is the one Väv Immersion project I’ll be taking home to weave – which gives me something to look forward to!


Väv Immersion –

Kira’s Single Unit Drawloom project using hand spun and dyed linen with dried flowers too, upholstery samples

Becky creating a tepee of water soaked flax, Kate’s bound rosepath in cotton

Becky sharing our overshot – just off the loom, Elizabeth’s opphampta

Leni at the computer teaching us how to edit photos of our textiles


I took a walk on the Bridge of Flowers to say good-bye (for now).  This lovely and unique garden is an amazing gift of beauty and hope.  I will miss it’s tranquility and reminder that one can transform something “old and seemingly useless” into a very valued and prized gift.  I’ve certainly transformed while being here at Väv Immersion and hope you are inspired to follow your calling of transformation, whatever it may be!

Coming soon…photos of our last few days, the open house and barn benefit!!!