tammyweaves…June 2016

Lavender, Father’s Day, Weaving Books

      and the Flax Garden at Vävstuga!


Weaving Lavender Wands welcomed summer to tammyweaves.  The first of two classes met this week to delight in the aroma of lavender and weave wands.  Lavender wands have been woven for centuries and placed in cupboards as a moth repellent while bringing a fresh garden smell one’s clothes.  They last for years – even decades, simply give them a little squeeze to awaken the aroma.


Weaving Books – A weaving book needs to be inspiring, instructional and a delight to read.  I find myself continuing my Väv Immersion  habit of reading weaving books most evenings. Today I’ll share Swedish Weaving books that have made their way over the years to my bookshelf.  These books are sold at Vavstuga and each one is a treasure.


Weave Structures * The Swedish Way   The text for Väv Immersion.  Learn to read Swedish Drafts and understand all of the basic structures in weaving.

The Swedish Weaving Book  ” a fundamental guide for calculating and setting up projects on the loom”. Along with finishing techniques.

Dress your Loom the Vävstuga  Way –  aka “Flippy” A step by step photo guide to warping your loom as taught in Vavstuga Basics.



Warp With a Trapeze & Dance With Your Loom

Kati Reeder Meek  first inspired me to warp with a trapeze and use live-weight tension. I refer often to this book.  Kati is inspiring and wise.










Warp and Weft – Lessons in Drafting for Handweaving  isa great compliment to Weave Structures.  Simpler explanations, more structures.

The Big Book of Weaving is the book to have if you want only one Swedish Weaving book.  It shows how to set up a loom, how to weave, has 2 dozen projects, finishing info and my favorite part – troubleshooting problems and errors!

Old Swedish Weavings from North to South – In January, I would have said, “this book is a beautiful document of projects and I understand how to weave about half of them.” Post Väv Immersion I can say, “I have the ability to weave each project with ease. I love having this new knowledge and am pondering which projects to choose !”


Handdukar (Handtowels) in Swedish  A gift to myself after Basics, this is perhaps my favorite book.  Handtowels, simple and not so simple -I could be inspired to weave forever just from this one book!

Simple Weaves  The projects are simple, yet elegant – blankets, rugs, tableware, pillows, curtains, handtowels and a bathrobe!

Kalasfina vävar (Fine Party Weaves) in Swedish A step up in complexity from Simple Weaves with a similar collection of projects.

Father’s Day….a delayed post, but not forgotten!

Early in our relationship, I knew my husband Daniel Corwin would make a great father as I observed him playing with his younger cousins with joy and delight.And indeed he has dedicated his life to being an amazing father creating stories that continued night after night, creating a pottery tea set, building wooden toys and sharing his love of nature and beauty with our daughters.  While I was at Vavstuga weaving, Dan cared for our home, our daughters and studied drawing, awaking his artist within.  It’s good to be together again.


My father Noel Renner, holding the basketball next to his brother Olin, grew up on on a farm, working with animals, tractors, machines and plans.  I love growing herbs, vegetables and flowers thanks his persistence in the garden each summer. My father loves Hudson automobiles,  which were produced until the mid-1950’s near Ann Arbor in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  My sister and I grew up riding in the cars he restored as we traveled to various cities to gather with other Hudson lovers.  People telephone my father for advice on how to repair their cars, scooters and just about any thing else that has an engine and he almost always has an answer, which still has me in awe!


My father’s father, Harry Russell Renner, started a car dealership and repair shop in my hometown of Pleasant Hill, Ohio.  He taught his five sons not only to repair cars, but to be inventors and create new ways, better ways.  He invented his own helicopter before he ever saw one fly, sang in many choirs with a deep bass voice and  wrote with a beautiful Copperplate hand.


From Vavstuga…the flax garden in full bloom.  In August the flax will be harvested during the Linens: Seed to Cloth class.  Leni also send a photo of one of the groundhog chucklings that frequently visited us at the flax house in May/early June.


Coming Soon…

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  • books from my public library – the essentials and those to delight the senses
  • the garden in july – herbs, greens and blossoms