Tonya’s Wovens

Tonya recently celebrated the completion of six months of Apprenticeship at Vävstuga.  She is now working at Vävstuga and continuing to create and sell her amazing handwoven textiles.

When I visited Vävstuga recently, Tonya gave me a personal show of her many textiles. I was amazed at all she had woven during the summer.  It was close to midnight and after a long day of driving, thus the photo quality varies quite a bit!

Tonya’s Tulip Yardage transformed into a skirt, a reversible apron and beautiful buttons!20160901_22113220160901_22120420160901_22134520160901_221311


















This gorgeous fabric is woven in Jamtlands drall which is known as “crackle” here in the USA.  It was woven durin ghte Vävstuga Treasure’s Class.  Imagine setting the table upon this elegant cloth!






Tonya’s double weave blankets were woven in the early months of the year, but I hadn’t seen them all together.  One warp, resulted in 3 amazing blankets plus Tonya wove a lovely pillow  in shadow weave (photo does not do the pillow justice) to accompany them!


The Rep Class at  Vävstuga happened in May.  And while the Väv Immersion students were busy completing our last few weeks, Tonya was finishing off the Rep warps at the town studio weaving placemats, table runners and rugs.


And she wove tablecloths and bright colored dishtowels in a variety of weave structures, colors, sizes and designs.


And for a bit of fun…Delightful Rosepath Farm scenes, bands, more Rosepath and a yummy wool blanket.


Drawlooms – Tonya and I both fell in loved with them at Vävstuga.  She just keeps designing and weaving more amazing pieces.  These two were woven on the Shaft Draw loom that creates a repeating pattern across the fabric.


These cute Christmas Trees were on the Single Untit Drawloom during my visit.  Tonya plans to make them into something special for the holidays.   I can’t wait to see them.


The Single Unit Drawloom has become a favorite of Tonya’s  Here is her new “weaving sign” – woven of course, with several of her new designs.  Each design takes hours to create on graph paper, and then woven row by row, adjusting the loom to create these each individual pattern.




Tonya’s Wovens Open House

“Come see my handwovens on Friday and Saturday, October 14 and 15, between 5:30-8:30pm and on Sunday the 16th between 1-4pm. Bally Mennonite Church, 1481 Route 100, Bally, PA 19503 .  There will be light refreshments.”

Read more on Tonya’s Wovens Facebook Page

This final photo is of Tonya’s Single Unit Drawloom masterpiece – the Farm.

I hope you have the opportunity to see it in person, as the photo does not do it justice!

Visiting Vävstuga – September 2016

The Barn Studio – What a delight to return for a brief visit at Vävstuga.  The Barn on Bassett Road was filled with looms and handwoven linens.  A beautiful display whispering the delight of the Linens Class which was held in August. I found myself “Ooo-ing” and “Ah-ing” as I walked from loom to loom to display table!  Becky continues to create the most magical weaving spaces!


There’s no place like Vävstuga!  

  • Familiar faces, familiar sights.
  • A beautiful table set by Kim.
  • Kim’s smile as she calls everyone to lunch.
  • Becky, Tonya and Bettie review preparations for the Nordic Classics Classes.
  • The wall of shuttles, reeds and pulleys.
  • Temporarily removed from the loom, this colorful warp remains threaded through heddles and awaits to be retied and woven.
  • Sarah Jean models the first of two aprons woven and sewn during the Swedish Kitchen Class.

At Vävstuga the weaving vibration resonates  so deeply, it pulled me like a magnet to the looms!  I was here to mangle(see tammyweaves – below), with no plans to weave,  yet I had to refrain from begging “please let me weave”.  After weaving daily for four months during Väv Immersion, not weaving at Vävstuga feels like sitting at the dinner table with delicious food aromas wafting about, without eating. So during my visit, when not mangling, I devoured the beautiful weaving books and poured my soul into the joys of what others had woven.


Vävstuga Treasures – I snuck a photo just before the official class photo.  The enthusiasm of these six weavers and their instructor (Becky, joining in on the left) was delightful. Bubbling with joy from a week “beyond the basics” of weaving and instruction, they lingered as long as possible, rather than running out the door immediately after class. How fortunate for me.  I saw photos of beautiful beaded jewelry and hooked rugs, admired apron’s created during another class, assisted with color choices in the store for future weaving projects, and heard stories from the week along with plans for the future.


Bridge of Flowers – Even with all of the excitement from the Swedish Classics weaving class, I desperately wanted to weave.  A walk outside along the bridge of flowers distracted me.  I was reminded that with planning, watering and consistent gardening, one can grow a garden with ongoing blooms late into the summer.  The multitude of pink dahlia’s were my favorites (you are probably not surprised) and there were oh so many varieties!


tammyweaves – Knowing my daughter Allegra would return to college in MA this fall, I planned to combine the trip with a day visit to Vävstuga.  In my big plan, I would spend the entire summer hemming each and every project from the Väv Immersion class and return ready to mangle them all for a beautiful pressed finish.  In reality, life took my energies in a variety of directions.  Still, I was able to hem and thus mangle several of my favorite projects. And what about the lace?  It is Allegra’s beautiful lace – it grew to twice this length – @ 24 inches long.  She is happy now at college and I’ve just returned from a whirlwind trip to Vävstuga – making new friends and visiting with many dear to my heart.  And now the looms, hemming and bobbins call to me….what calls you?

Coming Soon…July/August 2016 tammyweaves – a bit of belated blogging

  • tammyweaves – setting up the weaving studio
  • books from my public library – the essentials and those to delight the senses
  • the garden in July/August – herbs, greens and blossoms

And a Special Interview….Tonya’s Weaving

  • amazing projects woven by Tonya during her 6 month apprenticeship at Vävstuga