Loving Your Handwovens

When your package arrives from tammyweaves  – open with care if using a sharp object- for example scissors, as this could cut into your new textile. Feel the difference of handwoven Swedish cottolin. Touch, enjoy, savor the experience.


Your handwoven’s first bath: Soak gently in a bowel of warm water with just a few drops of soap. Gently rinse and squish out water, without twisting or applying strong pressure.  Blot out excess water with a thick towel.  Block your handwoven by laying it to dry so that it is “square” with itself.  Dry on a flat surface or on your favorite clothes line/drying rack.


Ongoing washing:  Your handwoven textiles will become more and more absorbent with each washing. When using your cloth in the kitchen or bath – wash at least once a week. Toss it in the washing machine with towels of similar color or wash by hand in hot sudsy water. Remove from the wash and take a moment to square up and flatten the edges as needed. Line drying is recommended, though my mother always preferred to toss hers in the dryer.  Either way they will shrink a bit with time.  The Swedes put their towels through a mangle to press, so if the iron is your friend, you may delight in ironing your towel and if not, you can simply put your towel back to use as is!

20161202_162158 (2).jpg

Dish Cloths: tammyweaves dish cloths have been used daily in my kitchen for over 15 years. Handwoven of Swedish cottolin – a mix of cotton and linen, these cloths will last for years. Note: washing sharp knives with the cloth, risks cutting through the fibers, and is not recommended.  Other than this, you can clean and scrub away at your sink, in the bath or in your home!   Rinse out with hot sudsy water after each use and hang over your facet/sink to dry.  Notice that the cottolin does not mold or hold odors.  This is the beauty of natural fibers.


Tea Towels:  Enjoy these generous sized towels in your kitchen or bath to dry your hands or your dishes.  If you really “just can’t” use it as a towel, enjoy it in your bread basket or  to decorate the top of a table or dresser.   In the Swedish tradition, I’ve sewn loops of woven tape onto the ends of the towel for ease of hanging.  Handwoven in a traditional Sålldräll pattern(M’s and O’s in English) with Swedish cottolin – a mix of cotton and linen, your tea towel could become a family heirloom.  I now have a kitchen drawer filled with handwoven tea towels and wonder how I ever lived without them!


Thank you for your generosity which allowed me to follow my dreams.  Learning, weaving and developing my creativity at Vävstuga may be the very best four months of my life.  I am so very grateful. ~ tammy

Tammy Winding Warp

6 thoughts on “Loving Your Handwovens

  1. Thanks Kerry, it was fun and it is a bit of a relief as well. Now to my list of dream weaving – and the list is too long to write about now. To start out with, I’m finishing up the tea towel warp to make fabric to stuff with balsam – a project inspired by your post about your balsam pillow! I’m still pondering how I will shape these delightful items and am tempted to make them into trees or stocking shapes or perhaps just simple squares/bags for ease. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens!


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