Warp a Weaver – December 2016


Last year this time I was in the middle of running Warp A Weaver – an Indiegogo Fundraiser created to fund my attendance at Vävstuga‘s first Väv Immersion Class.  I happily raised %33 of the total amount and took out a soon-to-be-paid loan for the remaining fees. Contributor’s were offered a perk/gift in exchange for their financial gifts. The gifts ranged from handwoven cottolin dish clothes and tea towels to piano and voice lessons.



A few daring souls signed up for the weave your own dish cloth opportunity.  This was the best deal offered during my fundraiser – @ 3 hours of weaving, instruction and materials all for the same price as the pre-woven dish cloth.  Though only five people chose this gift, it was my favorite, as it allowed me to share my love of weaving.


The perks/gifts were woven in my studio on beautiful Swedish handcrafted Glimåkra looms and hemmed on the old featherweight sewing machine my grandmother gave me years ago.  Today I popped the last of these gifts into the mail.  I smile in anticipation knowing that for many of these recipients, it will be the first handwoven item in their home.  And with a bit of luck, it will not be their last!



2 thoughts on “Warp a Weaver – December 2016

  1. That’s so cool, that you offered such a range of “thank you” options! You know I’d have chosen the weave-your-own, just for a chance to work with you! I use a Featherweight for sewing, too–best sewing machine ever!


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