Summer 2018

June and July – A Summer of Bands – Thin bands, thick bands, a pattern band and bands mixed with embroidery to repair handles of a favorite shopping bag.


July – Indigo Dye is so much fun with a group of friends!  A 20 year old silk scarf was redyed in a graduated fashion, new cotton yarn took on a bright indigo and a faded green linen tunic has a new life with indigo!

20180906_161936 (2)


August – A happy garden sings of the final days of summer and of cooler weaving days ahead.

20180827_101300 (2)




2 thoughts on “Summer 2018

  1. You might enjoy a book I got recently–Handwoven Tape, by Susan Faulkner Weaver (yes, weaver!) Its a combination of history of the multitude of ways tape has been sued in American life, as well as patterns and info about weaving tape. I wish I lived near you so I could be part of the indigo dyeing!


    1. I too, actually purchased Handwoven Tape recently, it is very lovely indeed! My thin tape was inspired by her book. I too wish we lived closer to one another, we would have great fun!

      My dying secret, is that I find friends who like to dye and go to their dying parties. I myself don’t care to fuss with all of the set-up/clean-up on my own. As Mother Ann of the Shakers said: “Many hands make light work.”


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