Winter 2018


December 2017 – Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild exhibit at Cherry Hill.

Cottolin Scarf and Linen/Wool Monksbelt


New Year’s Eve 2018 – The tradition of creating continues!


January – Väv Immersion Presentation at Ann Arbor Fiber Guild.


February to March – Smålandsväv pillows filled with organic lavender.  Twill pillows filled with balsam.  Monk’s Belt pillow filled with feather. And a bit of embroidery to call in the spring.

2 thoughts on “Winter 2018

  1. Look at you, getting all caught up with your blogging and projects! It’s good to see you back here, Tammy–I love to see what you’re making and especially think that monk’s belt piece is gorgeous! And, of course, all those photos of the family being creative together . . .


    1. Hi Kerry, It is great to be blogging again. The monk’s belt piece is one of my favorites from Vav Immersion. I’d like to do a whole series of monk’s belt. And I am so very happy when creating together with my family. And now I have weaving friends who are gathering to make bands, dye and do finishing work together. It’s so fun!


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