Michigan Weaver’s Guild – Part 2

The Michigan Weaver’s Guild meets once a month in Southfield, MI, which despite the name is just north of the city of Detroit.  I was honored and delighted to present Väv Immersion: Sixteen Weeks of Textile Heaven”.  Sharing about my experiences at Vävstuga opened all the memories once again.  From the excitement and anxieties of the first week of class, the thrill of camaraderie, the intellectual challenges of design and fiber analysis, the accomplishment of finishing project after project, and the awe of the amazing instruction provided by Becky Ashenden and friends all came wafting back into my soul.

The table was filled with 16 weeks worth of weaving, plus a few projects Post-Vävstuga.



After the presentation the weaver’s gathered around to look, feel and experience the various fibers, textiles and class note books.

P9150086 (2).JPG

They shared their stories, ask questions and spoke of their creative aspirations.

P9150080 (3).JPG



I was delighted to see the last slide of the presentation in this photo as one of the weaver’s shared her textile dreams.  Photos by my husband, Daniel Corwin.

P9150087 (4).JPG

“May you follow your creative and textile dreams!”

4 thoughts on “Michigan Weaver’s Guild – Part 2

  1. I bet a bunch of those women dream of doing what you did and going to the Vav Immersion! And then seeing all of your samples and projects–so inspiring. I need to get myself back to Shelburne Falls–I’ll never negotiate the logistics of going for 16 weeks but I should be able to manage one week!


    1. Yes, they were dreamy afterwards. One women in particular really wants to go to an immersion class and I think she will make it happen! Another told me of her decade dream to weave linen bath towels and now I think she will do so. A third woman has contacted me to ask if I can give her Glimakra loom advise, we will talk soon. It was very exciting to hear the dreams of others and cheer them forward!


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