January 2019 – part two

Winter Blues


I’m in the process of taking several weaving projects from Vävstuga Basics and Väv Immersion and bringing them alive.  These items have been sitting on a shelf and it’s time to awaken them!  They are samples, learning pieces, they are not perfect.  These items show my humanness, and I’ve decided to embrace them and their/my imperfections.

The blue and white Damask square woven at Vävstuga Basics in 2013 was not quite large enough to cover the 22 inch feather pillow form, so I went to my stash of no longer worn clothes and found a long ago favorite off white dress with a beautiful weave and fabric covered buttons.  I hand sewed the Damask onto the fabric and then created the pillow case, making it 2″ larger than the form to fit just right.  However, it is a bit too big and saggy.  Do I make it smaller, get a new form that is fuller or just live with a little sag?  Whatever the choice, I’m already enjoying having this new pillow in the house.

The other two pillows are still in process, but I couldn’t wait to share them with you.  The Smålandsväv sample was woven in a few hurried hours in May of 2016 and though it is filled with even more imperfections than the Damask, I still love it.  I delight in the memories of weaving it while hearing the creek babble and the birds sing at the farm studio at Vävstuga.  I hand-sewed the ends together that make it look like part of the Smålandsväv pattern to give a more complete look on the center back. The fabric is not quite square, so I’m pinning it in various ways to decide how I’ll finish the ends.  It will be stuffed with balsam shavings to keep that winter smell alive in the house.

The third pillow is a wool deflected double weave sample also woven in May of 2016 with Lisa Hill at Vävstuga’s Water Street Studio.   I looked and looked for a fabric that I could place on the back of this square but found nothing suitable.  And then while playing with the fabric, I had the idea to roll it over a bottle of my favorite Gerolsteiner mineral water to create a bolster look.  I haven’t yet decided how to finish the ends, but I plan to fill it firmly with organic wool pellets created for filling pillows.  If you have ideas for the ends, do let me know.

Winter Warm-up

I need the balance of bright reds to warm up the shiver of this winter!  Last summer I wove the thrums leftover from a blanket I wove for one of my daughters in 2013.  Now those thrums have become a pillow cover for a lavender-filled pillow made from some left over handwoven cottolin.  It feels great to put these leftovers together and create something beautiful that will be held and enjoyed with the delight of calming lavender.


To go along with the wool/lavender pillow, the three of us made beautiful paper stars to bring the light inside during the cold winter days.  I love the way the sun shines magically through the stars.


May you find ways to keep warm this winter too!

Blessings, Tammy

img_20190119_095502395 (2)


Happy New Year * 2019!



Here’s my holiday gift to myself – a Smålandsväv scarf!  On the loom, off the loom, and tied to the loom between the scarves I wove for my daughters.


New Year’s Eve Tradition – Family Fun, Food and Creativity! Playing a memo game from and about Tübingen, Germany, cauliflower latkes, gluten-free German lebkuchen, , a New Year’s watercolor inspired by William Morris embroidery.


Textiles of India – Cincinnati Museum of Art – What a treat!!!


Happy New Year 2019! 

May your year be filled with artistic endeavors, love, joy, nature, songs and laughter!