Happy New Year * 2019!



Here’s my holiday gift to myself – a Smålandsväv scarf!  On the loom, off the loom, and tied to the loom between the scarves I wove for my daughters.


New Year’s Eve Tradition – Family Fun, Food and Creativity! Playing a memo game from and about Tübingen, Germany, cauliflower latkes, gluten-free German lebkuchen, , a New Year’s watercolor inspired by William Morris embroidery.


Textiles of India – Cincinnati Museum of Art – What a treat!!!


Happy New Year 2019! 

May your year be filled with artistic endeavors, love, joy, nature, songs and laughter!













10 thoughts on “Happy New Year * 2019!

  1. Tammy, your scarves are exquisite with a good drape. Could you share the weight of your warp and weft yarns? My scarf attempt this year ended up more the weight of a table runner!


    1. Dear Sara Jeanne, I must confess that my scarves feel a bit more like a table runner than I’ve wanted to admit. I wove them with 16/2 cotton in the warp and weft weaving Smalandsvav at 30/in using a 15in dent reed = 60cm reed. IF I had metric reeds, I would have move to a 55cm. I considered using my 12in (45-50cm) dent reed, but feared it would be too flopsy and wide. I have just a bit of warp left, I could give it a try. Things that have loosened them up – soaking in water, wearing, and wiggling them into different positions. One of my daughters does use her scarf to decorate her room as a table runner, and when she wants to wear it, she just pops it on! Thus, I’m happy knowing it’s a multipurpose item and that she sees or wears it each day. Would I like them to have more drape? Yes!!! I’d love to hear more about your scarves.


  2. The scarves are beautiful! I may need to go back to Vavstuga just to learn Smålandsväv! Your holiday sounds very nice–mellow and full of family. I love the family portrait of you and your girls.


    1. Happy New Year Kerry! I am hooked on Smålandsväv! One can do so much with the color and design. Warning: Smålandsväv may be a gateway weave to drawlooms or computerized looms! We had fun taking family/scarf photos, so glad you enjoyed seeing them.


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