Announcing: Väv Immersion 2019

Vävstuga Weaving School has recently announced they are accepting applications for Väv Immersion III  This textile opportunity of a lifetime will be held August 12, 2019 – November 22, 2019 in Shelbourne, Massachusetts.  It is a great way to say, “I love you” to yourself.  So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing with you one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself.



20160321_122804 (2).jpg

Vävstuga’s founder & weaving guru, Becky Asheden, is an amazing educator and weaver.  See my posts of Väv Immersion 2016 for details of all the incredible learning that occurred in 16 weeks. (Note: the 2019 is a 15 week class)

Students 35 and under are eligible for scholarships through the Ddora Foundation.

Students over 35 – if you need a little financial boost and are a member of the Handweaving Guild of America, consider applying for one of their grants , the deadline of March 1st.

If you are a member of another textile organization or local weaving guild, they too might have grants to support you.





Consider creating a fundraiser, offering your own handwoven goods as a thank you.



The Väv Immersion early deadline application is just around the corner – March 1st – and the regular application deadline is May 15th.

When you give yourself this gift –  from rag to rug, thread to tablecloth, and yarn to blanket – you will be in delight!  It is a fabulous way to love yourself!



Happy Valentine’s Day!     Tammy





4 thoughts on “Announcing: Väv Immersion 2019

    1. That is why I’m glad you have found ways to return for a class here and there at Vavstuga. I was fortunate to have a window of time and circumstances that allowed me to fly away temporarily and weave away.


  1. Tammy, you have mentioned a smalandsvav scarf. Would you be willing to share that pattern? Planning a return to VAvstuga to throw myself into smalandsvav and that scarf would be a goal.


    1. Hello Debbie, The pattern I used is Becky’s, which you will most likely get in the Smalandsvav class. You’ll find more about the set-up by searching Drawloom, Two Harness and Smalandsvav on my blog. It is a process that is best tried first with a teacher/friend who is familiar with all of the particulars of two harness weaving. As for the scarf, I needed to beat ever so lightly to get a fabric that could be warn as a scarf. I did this for my daughter’s scarves. For mine, forgot to beat lightly, and though I can wear it as a scarf, if feels too thick and heavy. Next time, I’ll use a wider set and lighter beat to match. Another option would be thinner threads. Here are two sample patterns I found quickly online that might give you something to play around with. Let me know if you can access them.
      ❤ tammy


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