Hi, it’s me, tammy.  I’ve delighted in music, dance, textiles, people, travel and nature all of my life.  Following my heart I’ve enjoyed life in so many ways.

I’ve taught private music lessons, elementary music, handwork classes, waldorf grades 1-3 and folk dancing.I’ve made music mostly for myself, my family and friends, and a few English Country Dances.  I homeschooled my two daughters and occasionally friend’s children too.  I’ve taught parents and teachers the art of Circle Time, music and parenting skills.  I started and direct the Ann Arbor chapter of the Threshold Choir (see below).  And for many years lead singing circles for families and women/girls around an outdoor fire.

My delight of textiles was definitely influenced by my mother who loved beautiful fabrics, clothing, furniture,  and flowers. I enjoyed making potholders, knitting, crocheting, embroidery and sewing as a teenager.  These skills later lead me to weave,knit socks, spin wool and angora, and occasionally dye fibers.

I acquired the travel bug from my father – who drove our family to and fro to his delight visiting over 40 of the US states during my childhood.  I’ve sung in Europe with my college choir, taken music courses in England, traded houses with a family in Norway for 3 months and spent two summers in Germany – with time in Italy, Switzerland and France.

I love meeting people and chatting away and equally love time alone outdoors, in my flower, herb and vegetable gardens or creating a new textile. I share my life with Daniel Corwin, my husband of over 25 years.  Dan has encouraged me to follow my dreams throughout our years together.  And so here I am…a student at Vav Immersion  – an amazing weaving course.  I hope you enjoy my blog which shares highlights of our textile time here in Shelburne, MA.


More about tammy….

Threshold Choir of Ann Arbor – Singing to others who are on a threshold – be it struggling to live or to die is a very sacred gift.  You can learn more about our singing on the local and national websites:  http://www.thresholdchoirofannarbor.org/   and thresholdchoir.org

Summer 2009 – Germany – our family was fortunate to lived in Tuebingen, Germany for 3 months.  Here’s a blog about some of our experiences as we travelled about: http://teatimewithmamatammy.blogspot.com/