Spring 2018


April – Emily’s Smålandsväv Scarf – Emily designed her scarf based on my favorite peacock circle scarf.


April – Spring Eggs – A delightful way to spend spring vacation together.


April to May – Flowers in the garden.


May – Allegra’s Graduation – Mount Holyoke College – With a new lavender filled pillow to match her Smålandsväv scarf.



Winter 2018


December 2017 – Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild exhibit at Cherry Hill.

Cottolin Scarf and Linen/Wool Monksbelt


New Year’s Eve 2018 – The tradition of creating continues!


January – Väv Immersion Presentation at Ann Arbor Fiber Guild.


February to March – Smålandsväv pillows filled with organic lavender.  Twill pillows filled with balsam.  Monk’s Belt pillow filled with feather. And a bit of embroidery to call in the spring.

Lecture: “Väv Immersion: Sixteen Weeks of Textile Heaven”

Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild (AAFG) Meeting
Monday, January 8, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
Lecture: “Väv Immersion: Sixteen Weeks of Textile Heaven”,  Tammy Renner

Inspired by Marion Tuttle Marzolf’s historical novel Shuttle in Her Hand: A Swedish Immigrant Weaver in America, Tammy Renner dreamt of finding a residential weaving school where she could totally immerse herself in textiles. At that same time, BeckyAshenden, a graduate of Sweden’s Sätergläntan Institute of Handwork and known for her Vävstuga School of Swedish Weaving in Shelburne Falls, MA, imagined recreating the class she experienced in Sweden. In February 2016 their dreams merged with Tammy becoming one of six students in Becky’s inaugural Väv Immersion class. Tammy will share her stories, highlights, and notebook from her sixteen weeks in “textile heaven” as well as samples of Swedish textiles.

Zion Lutheran Church
1501 West Liberty (between Seventh and Stadium
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Community welcome! Meeting room is hearing and mobility accessible.

Tiny Expo #2 – Saturday, December 9th


Blending the beauty and wisdom of Japanese, Swedish and American weaving techniques to create heirloom textiles for your home. ~ Taeko & Tammy

Tammy studied weaving and textiles at Vävstuga Swedish Weaving School in Massachusetts.  Her Swedish Cottolin Squares invite you to enjoy their color and texture daily –  be it in a basket, as a napkin or to wash your face or the dishes.  The sachets and pillows are filled with balsam or lavender and will bring a calm for decades to come.

We are looking forward to sharing our heirloom handwovens at

Tiny Expo!

Saturday, December 9, 2017 * 11am-5:30pm

Downtown Ann Arbor District Library

Tiny Expo * Saturday, December 9th


We are looking forward to sharing our heirloom handwovens with you this Saturday at

Tiny Expo!

Saturday, December 9, 2017 * 11am-5:30pm

Downtown Ann Arbor District Library




Taeko studied weaving and home arts in Japan .  Shown above are her beautiful heirloom handwovens.  Her velvet lined scarves, cheerful cottolin rectangles, and Smålandsväv ornaments are beautiful, unique and one-of-a-kind.  All of Taeko’s weavings shown above will be available at Tiny Expo.

Tiny Expo Announcement November 2017


Blending the beauty, wisdom and durability of Japanese, Swedish and American handwovens to create heirloom textiles for the home.


・Ori・Väv・Weave・ is happy to announce that we have been chosen to sell our heirloom textiles at… 

Tiny Expo Header

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Downtown Ann Arbor District Library

Tiny Expo is an annual holiday fair that features over 40 artists and crafters selling handmade wares in a festive library space. This year  Tiny Expo is a part of the 2nd annual Winter Art Tour. There are 10 art shows in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti featuring over 300 artists during the weekend of Dec 8-10. When you get your official passport stamped at 4 of the 9 locations you can enter to win handcrafted prizes.

Here’s a peek of some of the items you will find at our Tiny Expo exhibit!



Taeko and I met one year ago at a Weaving Lecture presented by Marion Marzolf.  Soon after we gathered for tea to talk about weaving, our lives, and our love of all things beautiful.  Since then we’ve come together to create designs, warp  five different looms,  experiment, sample, encourage, weave, laugh and cry together at the looms.  We celebrate a year of  joy and inspiration with our exhibit at Tiny Expo.


Taeko wove this beautiful Smålandsväv scarf in September.  We set the loom up together in the spring with a warp long enough to weave several scarves – see April 2017  for more details.


The Studio

Two large Swedish Glimåkra looms, along with equipment and materials in one room of the house means we are working in pretty tight quarters.  The three smaller looms we are weaving on, along with our sewing machines and work tables are found in other rooms in our two homes.  When we bump into walls and looms or need to squeeze loom parts in carefully so not to break a window we laugh and say “two looms, small room”.  Try saying that quickly several times and you’ll be laughing too.




I created this blog almost two years ago as my weaving journey at Vävstuga’s 16 week Väv Immersion class began.  You are invited to stroll through these pages and peek into my time at the loom and in life.  It’s called Tammy Weaves.  When I weave, I feel completely Tammy.


See you at Tiny Expo!!!

October 2017


Blending the beauty, wisdom and durability of Japanese, Swedish and American handwovens to create heirloom textiles for the home.

More soon about our 2017 Holiday Heirloom Handweaving!

Taeko and Tammy