Working Weavers Studio Trail – Oct. 2018

Working Weavers Studio Trail – making cloth visible again

Last weekend I delighted in visiting eight weavers as part of the Second Annual Working Weavers Studio Trail in Western Massachusetts.  The weavers prepared trail maps, detailed directions and a studio passport to have stamped at each location, with the possibility of winning a handwoven item upon visiting 6 of the 8 weavers.  My daughter and I delighted in the drive that wound through the beautiful autumn country roads of New England.  At each studio we reunited with old friends and teachers, while also making new friends, and concluded that weavers and textile lovers are a happy, friendly bunch.

As you can imagine, each weaver has their own style, color palettes, design elements, and genres of weaving. Their studios are filled with the results of creativity, blended with countless hours of diligence. Like the local farmers at your farmer’s market, these weavers are welcoming others into their studios to see where textiles are made right in their own communities.  They are a skilled group of artists who are professional weavers.  And they are making cloth visible again.

Below is a collage of each studio stop in the order we visited.  I hope you enjoy this mini-tour and encourage you to visit the Working Weavers Studio Tour website and facebook pages for more information and photos!


Chris Hammel – Ekphrasis Defined Designs


Paula Velveta – Studio 338 Handwoven


Scott Norris – Elam’s Widow


Sue McFarland – Wool & Weft 

Wool & Weft requested “no photos”.  However delighting and talking about fiber and textiles were definitely welcomed!


Mariliyn Webster – Whimsy & Tea


Elizabeth Hill – Plain Weave


Lisa Bertoldi – Weft Handwovens


Emily F Gwynn – Hands to Work Textiles


My trip to MA for the Working Weavers Studio Trail had been in the planning for over a year, and I was thrilled to have my daughter, who is living in MA accompany me along the trail.  Here we are at the end of the day – happy, hungry and oh, so very inspired!


p.s. I  can’t resist telling you that the grass we were standing on and the car parked upon is mixed with herbal thyme and we delighted in the delicious fragrance of each and every step!






7 thoughts on “Working Weavers Studio Trail – Oct. 2018

  1. Tammy, what a delight to see your photos and comments on the weavers tour. I wasn’t able to make it up to the tour this year, but your photos took me there…what a great presentation you’ve made. Thank you, thank you!
    Sara Jeanne


    1. Hello Sara Jeanne! Thanks for your note, I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing the photos from the WWST. I was so inspired by each and every weaver. It was great to hear from you today. I have a smile on my face and warm memories of conversations with you in my heart. Tammy


  2. What a fun trip this must’ve been! The variety in the weavers’ work is wonderful and, yes, inspiring! And such a nice time for you and your daughter to share.


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